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The reader is urged to send the letter/email shown below to their state or provincial governments in an effort to urge those governments to initiate a scientific study to determine whether the Left Foot Braking Method or right foot braking is superior when braking a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission.

We have been contacting the various states and provinces but we need more help from the general public. The response from these governments can so far be summed up as follows:

1Yes, you are probably right.

2But, we have no money to fund a scientific study.

3And we think the Google car will save us. (They might want to check the latest surveys regarding the low acceptance rate of guys who are prepared to trade in their pickups for Google pickups, let alone their guns and dogs for the Google versions!)

Follow the step(s) below to send this letter/email to your state/provincial contact.

How can I send this letter/email to my state/provincial contacts?

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Subject: A plea for a scientific study of the Left Foot Braking Method versus right foot braking for Automatic Transmission Automobiles.

Each week, as regular as clockwork we see a news item regarding another parking lot crash where people are killed or badly injured because in a moment of panic the gas pedal is depressed instead of the brake pedal. We do not seem capable of stopping this carnage and it is the writer's view that the fault lies with the method used to apply the brakes.

The purpose of this letter is to try to convince your department to undertake an actual scientific review of the Left Foot Braking Method versus right foot braking as it relates to the operation of an automatic transmission automobile.

The website data sets the ground work and is quite probably close to what would be the scientific results but it has not been scientifically verified. I hope that you will read this data not only with an open mind but with a clear understanding that:

  • The Left Foot Braking Method for automatic transmission cars has absolutely nothing to do with race car driving, rallying, stick shift driving, motorcycles, etc.
  • The difference between trying to brake with your left foot and the Left Foot Braking Method is like the difference between night and day. The Left Foot Braking Method like any other driving maneuver must be properly taught by qualified driving instructors.

I am sure by now you can sense some frustration in the tone of this letter. This is simply because there are so called experts out there that denounce left foot braking and yet do not provide an ounce of scientific proof to back up their claims. No tests, studies, data etc. and meanwhile people are dying because of brake pedal mistakes. If right foot braking is superior to the Left Foot Braking Method, we should be able to scientifically prove it!

It is my greatest hope that your department will take up the challenge either independently or with other state or provincial jurisdictions, to scientifically prove which braking method is superior.

I close with a quotation from a very wise professor who said, "I am not interested in what you think you know but rather what you can scientifically prove"

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Hoping for an encouraging reply.