About Trevor Frith

Trevor Frith is no stranger to the clutch and right foot braking. He grew up on a farm operating stick shift machines such as tractors, trucks, cars etc.

He can't remember when he started to use the Left Foot Braking Method. Perhaps when he sold his MGB stick shift sports car, or when he had one of those events we have all had called, "foot slipped off pedal" incident or maybe when it just seemed like the logical thing to do.

Frith never really paid much attention to news reports of parking lot crashes. They were usually reported in the press as different almost humorous incidents. Then people started to die and the press started reporting more of these incidents.

As the death and injury toll increased, Frith became appalled that the way drivers were trying to brake was causing so much carnage.

Frith is currently working to convince all North American governments who are responsible for setting the rules for driver training, to initiate scientific studies. These independent or joint studies would study right foot braking and the Left Foot Braking Method and determine which braking method is superior for drivers who operate automatic transmission automobiles.

Perhaps a scientific study could change the way we teach drivers and possibly save lives.