Left Foot Braking Method Mission Statement:

To save the lives of 19 pedestrian/cyclists who will die today and every day. The equivalent of a Las Vegas massacre every 3 days! For every 19 who die hundreds will receive life changing injuries.

They will be killed walking on a cross walk, cycling on a road, just sitting in their favorite coffee shop or wherever. They will die because they were crushed to death by an automatic transmission vehicle that did not stop in time. The vehicle did not stop in time because the driver committed a right foot pedal error. The driver committed a right foot pedal error because the driver was forced to use the right foot braking method. This dangerous method used to brake automatic transmission vehicles is very complicated to learn and retain with age, extremely inefficient requiring 30-40 more feet to stop even at slow school yard speeds and is susceptible to pedal misapplication.

We want those in charge of driver legislation and training to stop blaming the drivers and commit to a scientific study comparing the right foot braking method with the left foot braking method which is easier to learn and retain, has shorter stopping distances and is immune from pedal misapplication. Then we want the teaching of the "Killer" right foot braking method banned.